22 October 2015
Middle Sea Race, second place for Sagola Biotrading

Sagola Biotrading finished second the Middle Sea Race

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Doyle Italy is one of the oldest lofts in the Doyle Sailmakers group and the largest of all Doyle sailmakers in Europe, with lofts in Palermo and Rapallo, and a sales and service network that reaches all major ports of Italy and Mediterranean Sea.

We use all technologies of Doyle sailmakers group and cooperate with centralized design team for final rewiew of sail designs and on top our additional strenght is that Managers, captains, yacht managers, engineers specialized in fluid dynamics and load analysis, riggers, all work inside Doyle Italy with their different skills, approaching sailmaking from different points of view. Our technicians have also been chosen for their ability for precision and timely response as well as their technical ability and experience.

By working for many years with the same people and the same brand, we have created an excellent sense of teamwork. Our team includes more than 30 sailmakers, most with over 20 years of experience. Great care is given to understanding our customers’ needs, as we constantly look for the best solutions.

Our after sales service and our rigging service are an important commitment for us, and we are always ready to come help you ... no matter where you are!
For those reasons our sailmakers are called on to design, engineer, build, and optimize sails for the most ambitious projects, yours. Our production has been growing continuously in the years and we build in the last year more than 20 sails for Maxi and 50 sails for superyachts ranging from 40 to 135 meters in length. Production of cruising and racing sails for boats up to 20 meters is also growing. Doyle Italia works according with ISO 9002 quality sistem. One partner, at your side for all your needs.

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