Fiberlay XP with transparent film or customizable color, it is the best option for racing sails.

Stronger, Lighter and Faster

Fiberlay is a lamination technology that provides unmatched flexibility in fiber orientation, accuracy of placement and superior lamination.

All fibers are load bearing, converging to every load point. Producing stronger, lighter sails that are much smoother when set, hold their shape better with significantly less stretch, and last longer than conventional sails.

Fiber paths laid to every reef and load point eliminate the potential distortion or laminate breakdown of conventional panel sails.

Sails fabricated in the conventional method by cutting and placing many separate panels, can only approximate the different load paths of a sail.

Fiberlay laminate directly in Europe, let us to produce the best sails in a very short time and with the best priceFiberlay xp with clear films or custom dyed films is the best option for racing sails.

vele in tessuto fiberlay xp

Fiberlay Details

randa in fiberlay xp
  • Shape dynamics are designed in 3 dimensions for smooth shape transitions.
  • Load paths are calculated and mapped to the performance specifications of each sail, ensuring accurate weight calculations and optimized lamination.
  • Sections are laminated flat before shipping. Extremely high pressures ensure delaminating will not occur under sail.
  • Taffeta plus Vectran, Carbon or Twaron yarn options. Vectran and Carbon provide stretch resistance with a higher modulus and much better flex properties than Kevlar
  • Fiberlay xp sails are 15% – 30% lighter than conventional panel sails.
  • Color options available.

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