Stratis was developed in 2001-2002 when Doyle Sails realised that it was time for a new generation of sails.

It was apparent that across the industry there was a need for lighter, longer lasting sails. From performance racing with higher durability to superyacht sails that required the physical structure of high modulus fibres to take the huge loads that were generated, through to cruising yachts that simply wanted lighter sails that were easier to handle, it was time for something new.

Stratis pre-impregnated fiber technology provides unmatched flexibility in fiber orientation, accuracy of placement and superior lamination. All fibers are load bearing, converging to every load point. Producing stronger, lighter sails that are much smoother when set, hold their shape better with significantly less stretch, and last longer than conventional sails.

The Stratis Plant Doyle is based at the 7000sqm Doyle Sails NZ production facility. The factory has two production beds, with multiple fibre laying machines and laminators on each production bed, allowing a full range of sails to be produced, from the smallest dinghies to the largest superyachts.

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The outer layer of taffeta provides an excellent durability and improves the flexibility of the laminate properties, and also protects the fibers from abrasion and membranes from damage caused by UV rays. The taffeta can be incorporated on one or on both sides of the sail and at the same time can forget all the problems inherent in the internal mold.

Stratis laminates, using both simple film to absorb UV rays that Ti02 taffeta treated for absorption of UV rays, ensure greater UV protection than standard laminated with PET film.

ing fibers arranged on each reef and on each point of the sail load eliminate potential distortions or the collapse of the laminate in conventional sails made from panels.

The mainsail and genoa roller Stratis blinds are specially designed with fibers arranged for the loads generated when the sail is wrapped. In traditional rolling sails the uneven thickness of the broad patches for reef along the leech prevents a regular winding. The Stratis eliminates this problem, allowing a regular winding with a number of positions for reefing pre-reinforced.


Innovative New Sail Fibre

Stratis ICE

Following years of development and beta testing on more than 100 yachts, the Stratis ICE is the last news by Doyle and is the first truly realistic alternative to the carbon performance of the sails.


Delivering the Ultimate in Shape Retention

Stratis GPX

Stratis GPX delivers the ultimate in sail performance through reliable shape retention and light weight laminates.


Competition Level Performance

Stratis GPC

Stratis GPC performance cruising sails have been developed to deliver the rugged durability required of cruising sails that are folded or furled while maintaining many of the performance benefits of racing sails.

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