Classic & Veteran

Unparalleled Know-How of Doyle Italy

Today, Doyle Italy, more than any other sailmaker in the world, can execute the cut, panel layout, machining, finishing and aesthetics appropriate to your boat’s year of construction and its specific needs. We use materials and techniques from the 1800s to the 1960s.

The sails are constructed with the highest quality, and use the finest materials and fabrics available. Our technicians have worked with project managers on major projects and important restorations.
Our sailmakers have realized the sails of the Amerigo Vespucci training ship 4 times, and also the sails of Stella Polare, Corsaro, Capricia, Caroly, Sagittario, and many other boats of the Italian Navy several times, always respecting the rigorous specifications and construction methods of the period.

  • Design and materials in line with the year of boat building

  • Unique expertise in the world in the production of vintage sails

  • Care and attention to detail to reproduce classic sails

Possible construction details

  • 4 cm overlap of the panels and triple stitching with brown thread

  • Vintage reinforcements (with two reinforcements on the edge and one on the bisector) for the head, tack, clew and reefing points

  • Luff reinforced with external boltrope (top 3 leads are visible)

  • Head, tack, and clew with webbed external rings and hand sewn leather trim

  • Double reinforcements under the eyelets of the luff sliders

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