Doyle Sails Performance for Superyacht

A reputation for impeccable attention to engineering detail, construction quality and the application of the latest technologies, has made Doyle Italy the first choice of some of the world’s most spectacular superyachts.

The dimension of our loft and the machineries we work with allow us to produce and provide services without any size limit, guarantying the highest quality standards.

Stratis pre-impregnated fiber technology provides unmatched flexibility in fiber orientation, accuracy of placement and superior lamination. All fibers are load bearing, converging to every load point. Producing stronger, lighter sails that are much smoother when set, hold their shape better with significantly less stretch, and last longer than conventional sails.

Why Doyle Stratis Sails for Superyacht

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Stratis custom sail design and carbon fiber options deliver ultimate racing performance.

External polyester tafettas provide excellent durability and improve the flex properties of the laminate and protect fibers from abrasion and UV damage. Taffetas can be incorporated on one of both sides of the sail.

Fiber paths laid to every reef and load point eliminate the potential distortion or laminate breakdown of conventional panel sails.

Sails fabricated in the conventional method by cutting and placing many separate panels, can only approximate the different load paths of a sail.

Stratis laminates using either clear UV absorbing films of Ti02 coated taffetas with UV absorbers provide much greater protection from UV than standard PET film laminates.

Some Superyacht Doyle Sails