Stratis GPC performance cruising sails by Doyle Stratis represents the competition-level performance with trouble-free cruising durability.
Powerful performance with better shape retention, higher strength and greater durability.

Stratis GPC performance cruising sails have been developed to deliver the rugged durability required of cruising sails that are folded or furled while maintaining many of the performance benefits of racing sails. GPC is the tough alternative to a performance film sail without the performance decrease commonly experienced from a standard panel construction, or from a laminated sail cloth produced by an extemal sailcloth supplier.
Stratis GPC, because of the variety of fibres that can be selected, is equally well suited to superyachts as it is to smaller cruising yachts. The use of a wide variety of different fibre combinations or even single use fibres allows us to custom build each sail to a particular customer’s requirements.

The fibres that we are using in Stratis GPC laminates are typically Vectran, Technora and medium to low modulus carbon. These fibres are used in conjunction with specific resins which are selected for their long term durability and resistance to high humidity and wet conditions.
 External taffetas can be specified on either or both sides of the membranes depending on requirements for scuff-resistance.
GPC laminates can also incorporate added compression and primary yarns to fully address the issues associated with roller furling sails. Custom reef points built into the laminates also help improve performance through a wide range of conditions.
Stratis GPC sails are laminated under 100% controlled conditions at our climate and humidity controlled Stratis production plant in Auckland, New Zealand.

PEN is the big brother of PET. It was invented very shortly after PET but only commercialised in the 1990’s after Amoco started the first plant to produce the NDA needed to make it affordable in commercial quantities.


It is a very durable fibre and a perfect choice for situations that demand retained mechanical strength after sustained mechanical abuse.


Technora is also made by Teijin, the manufacturers of Twaron, and is a close relative of PPTA. It is a copolymer, which means it is comprised of two different building blocks instead of just one.


The element Carbon has two allotropes, diamond and graphite. The microstructure of carbon fibers is based on the hexagonal layer structure of graphite, however commercial carbon fibres lack true three-dimensional order between layer planes. This incompletely ordered graphite structure is termed graphene.


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